The contenders and a Gladiator raced each other on an inverted, Velcro-covered track. Using their hands and feet (each covered in Velcro to assist in moving), they would move down the track to the opposite end, hit an actuator button, then turn around and head back to the start/finish line.

Sky Track was designed so only one contender in the race was guaranteed points. Ten points were awarded to a contender who won the race and five to a contender who finished second, but the Gladiator's finish dictated how those points would be awarded. All a Gladiator had to do was finish first or second in the race to shut out one of the contenders. If the Gladiator won the race, the first contender to finish would receive five points, and if a contender beat the Gladiator, the other contender would finish third and receive no points.

The game was different from the British variant.

The second season of the 2008 revival uses the UK rules of Skytrack (spelt Skytrak in the British version). The two contenders race around one lap of a figure-8 track while being chased by a Gladiator. If the Gladiator pulls a ripcord trailing behind the contender, that contender is released from the carriage connecting them to the track and eliminates them from the race. The first contender across without being caught receives 10 points plus some pyrotechnics, while the second receives 5.