An entirely new event in the 2008 revival, the Contender and Gladiator wrestle for 30 seconds on a 12' diameter platform that is moving above the floor of the arena. Whoever throws their opponent completely off the platform and onto the crash pad below is the winner; a contender or Gladiator hanging on to the platform support cables or the edge of the platform is still considered to be on the platform. The Contender receives ten points for throwing the Gladiator off the platform within the 30 seconds, even if they come down in the process, or 5 points for not getting thrown off before time expires. A contender may also receive five points if (as which happened in the first series of the revival) the Gladiator uses their foot illegally on the contender's head to push down the contender. This game is essentially an update of the Conquer portion of Breakthrough & Conquer from the original series. For Season 2, the Earthquake ring was moved over water.